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Web Analytics

Web Analytics / Site Analysis Services – IServis Network

Complex Web Analytics and Site Analysis Services provided by IServis Network 

Web Analytics is the process of collection, measurement and analysis of user activity on a website to understand and help achieve the intended objective of the website. Several tools are available which help enhance this analysis, and these tools allow the business to see exactly how their website is being used by visitors. Common information mined from these tools include how the visitor arrived at the site, what they did upon arriving, how much time they spent on the site, whether or not a “conversion” took place, and where the visitor was before leaving the site. 


Does IServis Network perform Web Analytics Services?

Web analytics are easily the most interesting and exciting aspect of improving an site’s performance, and we at IServis Network thoroughly love this part of the job. Sure, some may think that this statistical analysis is as exciting as reading a novel in a foreign language, but we happen to be very fluent in web analytics. We can quickly know everything we need to know simply by looking at recent metrics that are derived from the website, and we use that to improve the site in ways that previously have been unknown.