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Search Engine Optimization Services – IServis Network

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services provided by IServis Network

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a page or pages on a web site in a manner that search engines find appealing, causing the site to appear higher on the search engine results pages and ultimately, causing more visitors to find the site. This process has evolved into an entire industry revolving around the study of search engine algorithms, as top placement on search engine results pages for premium keywords has a significant monetary value to the site owner or business, despite the fact that these placements (often referred to as “natural”, “organic” or “algorithmic”) are not obtained using financial means.


Does IServis Network provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

IServis Network is one of the earliest SEO service provider in Hong Kong since 2006.  We have clients that consistently generate more quality traffic than deep pocketed competitors, and because search engine optimization rewards intelligence and quality, our services essentially level the playing field for any business in any industry.

Our unique and comprehensive ‘Straight A’ system – analysis, architecture, augmentation, accreditation, and advocation – provides a strong framework that provides websites with a foundation to provide top rankings for years into the future, using only the “ethical” and search engine recommended best practices.

Give us a call today to see exactly what we can do for you. Many business do not even know what services or value an expert in SEO can provide to them, so we’d love to talk to you to explain exactly what an SEO can do to make your site an industry leader.

Our ‘Straight A’ Search Engine Optimization Process

  • Analysis – Every project begins with detailed site and market analysis which leads to targeted keyword research
  • Architecture – Every highly optimized website has a strong architectural framework, and we address any weaknesses in this aspect first so that all following work will be more effective.
  • Augmentation – The content creation portion of the process addresses the targeted keywords by creating new pages optimized with both visitors and search engines in mind.
  • Accreditation – Once the site is completed, the end result is a far superior and more respected website than was in place initially. This makes it easier to be a more respected entity when it comes to the next phase on SEO – link baiting and link building efforts.
  • Advocation – The final step is an ongoing process, but is what separates dominant sites from generally highly optimized sites. Once the accrediation is in place, we become an industry expert for you and assist with blogging, press release optimization and reputation management. This continued advocacy is the continued marketing effort that keeps your site in front of your competitors.