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PPC Management

Pay Per Click Campaign Management – IServis Network Inc.

Expert Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services provided by IServis Network Inc.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an advertising model most commonly used on search engines and websites where advertisers pay when a visitor to that search engine or web site actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website. Advertisers bid on specific keywords of their choosing, and when a visitor types that keyword into the search bar at a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN (Live), the advertiser’s ad may be shown. These ads typically appear separate from the regular, or organic, listings on a search engine results page, and are called “Sponsored Link” or “Sponsored Ads”. These ads also often appear on various websites as well, and are not limited to search engines (note that the advertiser can choose to be a part of the search engine results only if they desire). While several pay per click advertising companies exist, Google AdWords, Yahoo!Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the largest providers of this service, and as such, are the only three companies that we advertise with. 


IServis Network provide Pay Per Click Management (PPC) Services?

Unlike many SEO companies, IServis Network does work with pay per click advertising as well as focusing on organic SEO improvements. We believe that there is a time and a place for both of these forms of web marketing, and we work with clients to determine what is the best approach for them to take. Our ultimate goal is to generate as much free / organic traffic as possible in the long run, but we may also recommend PPC campaigns to achieve certain goals for your business.

IServis Network has tremendous experience and expertise in this area as well, as our founder and president, Joe Rozsa, frequently speaks at industry conferences to share his experience to others in the field of pay per click campaign management. We bring more than simply keyword and bid management to the process, however, as detailed analysis, ad testing, and copy writing are integral parts of a successful pay per click campaign.

Contact us today and learn what we can do for your business, whether that is reduce your monthly ad spend, increase your conversion rate, or improve your overall ROI. We manage monthly ad spends of anywhere from $1,000 / month to $100,000 / month, so our expertise can likely help your business improve in this regard.